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Environmental and Social Sustainability Report

Environmental and social sustainability (ESS) mission statement

ACLEDA Bank is committed to achieving strong, sustainable financial returns, while respecting the environment and community within which we live. We subscribe to the concept of triple bottom line ('people, planet, profit') reporting and are constantly developing indicators for measuring and reporting on our performance and impacts on the society and the environment and to implement a reporting structure based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative

The key elements of ACLEDA Bank's ESS mission are:

  1. To provide a framework of guidelines within which ACLEDA Bank can operate in a sustainable manner so that our impact on the environment, society and the community in which we operate is managed in a responsible way.
  2. To continue to introduce energy efficient systems into our buildings and to manage sensibly our energy requirements wherever we operate.
  3. To honour the society in which we live and actively work to promote an inclusive culture embracing not just shareholders and staff, customers, and business partners but respect for the individual within our community.
  4. To recognise that supporting the community is not just morally sound but good business as well — our 'good health' and prosperity are mutually interdependent.


ACLEDA Bank fully subscribes to international conventions which prohibit the provision of credit to, or otherwise support, any activities which might harm the environment, be morally repugnant or jeopardise human rights. In particular the Bank has in place policies which forbid involvement with exploitative forms of forced or child labour, trade in weapons and munitions, gambling, casinos, brothels, regulated wildlife or wildlife products (CITES rules) and production or trade in radioactive materials or significant volumes of hazardous chemicals. Strict monitoring processes are in place which require customer contact staff to certify that any business we write conforms to these principles.

The Bank employs five full time Environmental Officers who regularly undertake training and refresher courses to coordinate ACLEDA's environmental activities and monitor performance.

In addition, ACLEDA Bank supports renewal energy by providing loans to customers related to Biogas and Solar energy.

Environmental Performance Indicators

In order to establish baselines for the measurement of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, during 2005 we introduced a tracking system for resource usage. The results are given under their respective headings below and will be used to benchmark our future performance.

Paper Usage

In 2020, paper usage increased by 0.09% per co-worker compared to 2019. However, the Bank is continuing increased use of electronic data by using our system developed by the Bank's IT Division to send/receive internal information.

Waste paper increased by 16.26% per co-worker compared to 2019.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Paper in kg/FTE 10.61 10.60 10.64 10.42 10.65
Waste paper in kg/FTE 1.23 1.03 1.79 2.15 1.92

Energy Consumption

Electricity consumption per co-worker increased by 12.68% in 2020 compared to 2019. Gasoline decreased by 1.05% in 2020, diesel and lubricant consumption increased by 5.23% and 10.40% per co-worker compared to 2019.

However, the overall growth of the Bank inevitably led to an increase in CO2 emissions in absolute terms.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Electricity in kWh/FTE 1,922.84 1,679.09 1,646.15 1,673.46 1,660.19
Gasoline in l/FTE 36.27 36.65 38.23 39.76 40.08
Diesel in l/FTE 46.11 43.70 44.97 49.04 51.70
Lubricant in l/FTE 1.25 1.12 1.13 1.27 1.75
Emission of CO2 (equivalents — in thousands of kg) *
Electricity 12,664 11,067 11,142 11,430 11,138
Gasoline 1,035 1,046 1,121 1,176 1,165
Diesel 1,516 1,438 1,519 1,672 1,732


Water consumption per co-worker decreased by 38.15% in 2020 compared to 2019.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Water in m3/FTE 20.42 28.21 15.54 15.87 16.14

Business Travel

In 2020, the total distance travelled by car and motorcycle increased by 9.03% and 0.34% compared to 2019.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Business Travel
By car in km/FTE 565.59 514.54 481.82 295.98 230.35
By motorcycle in km/FTE 1,845.04 1,838.73 1,894.90 1,941.86 1,824.89

Social Sustainability

ACLEDA Bank's corporate culture is built on respect for the society in which we operate and an inclusive perspective on our stakeholders embracing not just shareholders and staff, customers and business partners but the community at large. In addition to the environmental programs mentioned above the Bank observes a policy of equality in all dealings with the public in general and customers and staff alike. Above all, ACLEDA Bank has practiced from the very beginning 'zero tolerance' of corruption both internally and externally and transgressions are dealt with summarily.

The following are key principles in ACLEDA's corporate social responsibility policy:



ACLEDA recognises that playing our part as good citizens in the community in which we abide is vital to our mutual interests and prosperity. Major initiatives we are taking are:


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