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Motorbike Loan 

Motorbike Loan is provided to you who have a regular income to get a motorbike for your family or business.


  • Owning your dreamed motorbike
  • Converting from a whole pay to amortization for the motorbike price
  • Promoting welfare of your family and the society

Features of Motorbike Loan

  • Motorbike Loan is provided in US Dollar.
  • This loan is designed for you to buy any types of brand-new motorbike or used motorbike from legal suppliers.
  • ACLEDA Bank offers Motorbike Loan up to US$10,000 but no more than 80% of the motorbike price (using the buying motorbike as collateral).
  • Maximum of loan period is up to 5 years for:
    • Customers who are employees and will not exceed the retirement age.
    • Other customers will not be over 60 years of age.
  • Interest rate from 12% to 18% per year.


  • Being a majority
  • Having a permanent address within ACLEDA Bank's operation which is certified by local authority
  • Having a good history, reputation, and attitude
  • Having a proper work, salary, or sufficient income that warrant the ability to pay back
  • For employee of a company, organisation or other institutions, you need a certified letter or employment contract to ensure your employment is longer than repayment period
  • Have identity documents which are ID card, family book, residence book, or other documents


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