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Top Up Service 

Top Up via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet 

You can conveniently top up your phone or other services via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet from your mobile phone anywhere and anytime to:

  • Mobitel/Cellcard
  • CooTel
  • Metfone
  • mJams
  • OneTV
  • ONLINE (iTop Card)
  • qbCard and qbInt
  • SMART Mobile
  • Telecom Cambodia (i-Call Prepaid Service)

How to top up via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

  • Log in to ACLEDA Unity ToanChet
  • Choose menu "Mobile Top Up"
  • Select company/mobile operator
  • Select top up type (PIN less / PIN)
  • Select top up amount
  • Select account
  • Input mobile number (top up to phone number) for PIN less top up
  • Choose button "Submit"
  • Verify your transaction
  • Choose button "Process"
  • You will receive PIN number to top up your phone (for PIN top up)

Top Up via ACLEDA Internet Bank 

You can conveniently top up your phone or other services via ACLEDA Internet Bank from your computer (desktop or laptop computers that are connected to the Internet) anywhere anytime to:

  • SMART Mobile
  • ONLINE (iTop Card)
  • Mobitel/Cellcard
  • Metfone
  • mJams
  • OneTV
  • CooTel
  • qbCard and qbInt

How to top up via ACLEDA Internet Bank (Retail Customer)

  1. Log in to ACLEDA Internet Bank
  2. Select "Mobile Top Up" in the ACLEDA Internet Bank's menu
  3. Please select Company voucher you wish to top up
  4. Please select Debit Account Number
  5. Select Denominations "Top Up Amount"
  6. Click on the button "Submit"
  7. Verify the top up details, then enter One Time Password that is generated by your hard token or soft token
  8. Click on the button "Confirm"
  9. After that the Voucher Number will be displayed in the screen or it will be sent (SMS) to your mobile phone.

Top Up via ACLEDA ATM 

You can conveniently refill your mobile phone from ACLEDA Bank's ATMs throughout Cambodia in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to:

  • Mobitel/Cellcard
  • SMART Mobile
  • qbCard and qbInt

How to top up via ATM

  1. Please insert your card into ATM slot
  2. Select language ("Khmer and English" or "Khmer and Chinese")
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Select "Mobile Phone Top Up"
  5. Select "PIN Top Up"
  6. If you have more than one account, you have to select account number
  7. Select mobile operator company you wish to top up
  8. Select recharged amount
  9. Please verify mobile top up details, then select "Yes"
  10. Your transaction is successful. Please select "Yes" if you would like to do another transaction
  11. Please take your receipt in which a Top Up PIN for recharging mobile phone balance is included. Please enter the PIN into your mobile phone correctly then the amount you selected will be added to your mobile phone balance immediately.
  12. Please take your card

Note: You can select any amount, for example US$1, US$2, US$5, US$10, US$20, or US$50, to recharge your phone balances at no extra cost.

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