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International Funds Transfers via Payone and Hana Bank 

International Funds Transfers via Payone and Hana Bank allows Cambodian workers who work in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) can transfer their funds from Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea to their families in Cambodia through ACLEDA Bank with lower cost, safety, fast service and convenience.


  • Be easy to transfer your funds with lower cost
  • Provide information in Khmer language at Payone, Inc.(1) if you have inquiries about bank's or funds transfer's services
  • Can use Hana Bank's ATMs in Khmer language
  • Get new knowledge for using bank services abroad

Currency and Fee

  • The currency using with this service is in US Dollar.
  • Transfer's fee from Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea via Payone is only US$10 per transaction.


  • Cambodian worker has an account with Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea and uses Pay Easy Card for deposits, withdrawals, funds transfer etc.
  • His/her family has an account with any ACLEDA Bank's branch to receive money from Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea.

(1) Payone, Inc. has an agreement with ACLEDA Bank to provide funds transfer service for Cambodian workers between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea.

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