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Local Funds Transfers 

Moving money from one place to another in Cambodia used to mean sending it by car, through friends or third parties or other high risk and time-consuming means of transport. Not any more! As you would expect of a bank with the most extensive branch network in Cambodia, backed by international technology, ACLEDA Bank Plc has the solution! ACLEDA Bank's Local Money Transfer services can move your money with safety and speed to all provinces and towns throughout Cambodia at very low cost.

You can transfer money in Khmer Riel, US Dollar, Thai Baht, Euro, Vietnamese Dong, Australian Dollar, or Canadian Dollar within ACLEDA Bank's branches located in all provinces and towns throughout Cambodia and with other banks. Transfers can be made by cash or through an account at ACLEDA Bank Plc. Supported by our world class Information Technology, you can be sure of a reliable and efficient 'Just-in-Time' service from ACLEDA.

*** You can also transfer money through ACLEDA ATM, ACLEDA Internet Banking, and ACLEDA mobile (wallet account and bank account, trading account, Wing, Ly Hour Veluy, Retail Pay, Bakong, etc.)

How to transfer money

  1. Contact the Call Center Officer at any ACLEDA Bank's branch for our services requirements and more information;
  2. Fill in a short and simple Transfer Money form;
  3. Tell ACLEDA Bank's staff:
    • The name and account number of the receiver (where the receiver holds an account with ACLEDA Bank);
    • The name, identification card number or other document proving identity of the receiver (where the receiver does not have an account with ACLEDA);
  4. Inform the receiver about the amount of money you have transferred, and within a few minutes the receiver can get the money at ACLEDA Bank's branch.

How to receive money

  1. Come to the ACLEDA Bank's branch and provide its staff with the information concerning the amount of money and name of the person who is sending the money to you;
  2. Show your identification card or other document proving your identity to the ACLEDA staff;
  3. After checking on our computer system, the ACLEDA Bank staff will arrange for you to receive the money.


Description Fee
Transfer within ACLEDA Bank's branches in Cambodia Free
To other banks in Cambodia
In the same location of ACLEDA Bank's branch 0.05%, min. US$3 or equivalent [1]
In different locations of ACLEDA Bank's branch [1] + Local Transfer Fee (0.1%, min. US$1 or equivalent)
warningFees in our website are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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