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Security Tips

Protect your personal information at all times:

  1. Please be aware that ACLEDA Bank will not contact you to ask for your account number, PIN, password, web link or other personal information via e-mail or telephone. We will never ask you to conduct remittance in any form as well.
  2. Never reply to every E-mail/phone/SMS asking for your account number, password or PIN.
  3. If you receive a request for your personal information, or you suspect that you have inadvertently provided personal information to a questionable person, please kindly contact us via inquiry@acledabank.com.kh or phone +855­ (0)23 994 444, +855­ (0)15 999 233.

Personal Security Awareness on How to Avoid and Prevent Phishing Scams

Good Cyber Hygiene to protect yourself online

Security tips when using PayBand 

Security tips when using ACLEDA mobile 

  1. Do not record PIN on any object but memorize it for convenient use.
  2. Do not let your PIN to be known or seen when using it; make sure that no one watches while entering this PIN.
  3. Do not connect or download application/program from unknown sources.
  4. Always check mobile phone. If any unknown application is found, immediately close and delete it in order to avoid virus or hacker, and/or take it to the phone service center.
  5. Do not leave mobile phone unattended and unlocked.
  6. Log off the ACLEDA mobile application after completing transaction.
  7. Change your PIN frequently.
  8. If you forget PIN or enter the incorrect PIN 3 times, your ACLEDA mobile will be locked, please press on "Forgot PIN" menu to reset your new PIN. In this case, please do not delete ACLEDA mobile, otherwise you will not be able to self-reset a new PIN. So please come to the bank to create your new PIN.
  9. You have to keep your registered phone at a safe place. If that phone is lost or damaged, please inform the Bank to block account or technically take action to prevent transaction fraud.
  10. In the case you sell or give your phone to another person, please delete the ACLEDA mobile application from it.
  11. Please do not share your PIN/OTP to someone! ACLEDA Bank staff will never call you asking for PIN/OTP or doing any transactions.

Security tips when using ACLEDA Internet Banking 

  1. Never use unprotected computers at public places or use internet connection or Wi-Fi in an internet cafe, a library, a shop, a restaurant or an airport, etc. to avoid your account number and password from being stolen by video or the monitoring of your keyboard strokes.
  2. Never keep your password and credit/debit card(s) together. You have to change your password frequently.
  3. Do not store your password in any objects, in written or electronic form. It should be memorized for convenient use.
  4. Never leave the computer unattended when being on the ACLEDA Internet Banking in a public place.
  5. Please keep your Hard/Soft Token in a safe place. Hard/Soft Token is a tool or an application installed on your smart phone that is used to generate One Time Password (OTP) for using with ACLEDA Internet Banking.
  6. Never reply to every E-mail/phone/SMS asking for your account number, password or PIN.
  7. Never give remote access to [your] computer or online bank accounts.
  8. Do not open unidentified programs, links or e-mails.
  9. Log on to ACLEDA Internet Banking through ACLEDA Bank's website by typing the URL (www.acledabank.com.kh) into the address bar and not by clicking a link from other websites or an e-mail arrived in your inbox.
  10. Before using ACLEDA Internet Banking, verify the domain name (website's address) displayed to avoid spoof websites.
  11. Log off, clear history or catch, and close your browser when you have finished using ACLEDA Internet Banking.
  12. Please make sure that the computer used for ACLEDA Internet Banking is secure and reliable; update anti-virus software regularly and download patches timely.
  13. Please do not enter your account number, password or other personal information at unidentified websites to prevent them from being stolen by phishing sites.
  14. Please do not disclose your password or PIN and registered account number or any personal identification information to anyone and have your password changed on an irregular basis.
  15. Please do not use your birthday, mobile phone number, account number or regular numbers as PIN or password.
  16. Please remember that ACLEDA Bank will never contact you directly to ask you to disclose your PIN or password information.
  17. Be careful about the website you are browsing. If it does not sound authentic, do not download anything from it.
  18. Please check your computer or device using with ACLEDA Internet Banking frequently. If you found an unknown program or file, please remove or delete it immediately as it may contain viruses.
  19. If you have any problems or have found any unidentified website or e-mail, please kindly contact us via inquiry@acledabank.com.kh or phone +855­ (0)23 994 444, +855­ (0)15 999 233.

Security tips for online shopping 

  1. You should use familiar websites that are trusted sites by typing their URLs into the address bar on your web browser. You should not make shopping with a search engine because its search results may lead you to malware instead of your intended destination.
  2. Never click on links from spam e-mails or from someone you don't know to make purchases. It is particular danger if you buy on a site advertised in a spam e-mail.
  3. Please make sure you are using a secure website which has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption installed. A sign of encryption includes a web address with https ("s" stands for secure).
  4. Always remember to avoid using a public Wi-Fi network or other public computers/devices. The security is unreliable.
  5. You should use a secure computer/device via your cellular network for online shopping and regularly updates the anti-virus program on that device.
  6. Please do not store/remember your password in the public computers/devices.
  7. Please do not install free downloaded software/program while shopping or logging in.
  8. Please do not enter your account number, password or other personal information at unidentified websites to prevent them from being stolen by phishing sites.

Security tips when using ACLEDA cards 

  1. Do not keep the PIN together with your Card.
  2. Keep your card in a safe place.
  3. Change your PIN immediately when using your ATM Card/VISA Card for the first time and destroy any documents containing PIN information.
  4. Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down or keep it in your wallet or purse.
  5. Do not send your PIN via email/SMS and never use the same PIN to access other services.
  6. If your card is lost or stolen or your PIN is disclosed or comes into the knowledge of a third person, you must immediately notify ACLEDA Bank.
  7. Never reply to every E-mail/phone/SMS that asking for your account number, password or PIN.
  8. Keep your PIN secret. Never reveal it to anyone, even someone who claims to be calling from your bank.
  9. Report to ACLEDA Bank via inquiry@acledabank.com.kh or phone +855­ (0)23 994 444, +855­ (0)15 999 233 if there is anything suspicious or strange.

Security tips when using ATM 

  1. Protect your PIN and cover the ATM's keypad while you enter the PIN.
  2. If you enter an incorrect PIN three times consecutively, your card (issued by ACLEDA Bank) will be blocked. Please contact our Call Center via phone +855­ (0)23 994 444 or +855­ (0)15 999 233.
  3. Check that other people in the queue are a reasonable distance away from you.
  4. Do not request an unknown person to perform ATM transactions for you.
  5. Never let a stranger assist you at the ATM except the appointed staff. Protect your ATM card and PIN.
  6. Be alert or suspicious of signs telling you to use a specific machine. The ATM may be fitted with a skimming device. Please contact us if there is anything suspicious or strange.
  7. Never force your card into the ATM's card slot.
  8. Count the withdrawal cash and put it in your wallet before leaving the ATM.

Security tips when using POS terminal 

  1. Do not allow the cashier or anyone else to enter your PIN for you.
  2. Watch the merchant when he/she is swiping your card and make sure your card does not leave your sight.
  3. Block the view of others and cover the POS keypad while you enter the PIN.
  4. Be sure the transaction is completed and verify your payment with POS receipt before leaving.
  5. Never make payment with a suspicious or strange POS terminal.